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President- Founder


Before talking about “ALTERNATIF”, it seems wise to talk about its deep origin: My parents and France. Like any child raised and educated under the sign of the word “family”, I was impregnated by
values ​​such as “support” and “prodigality”.
France, my second country after Turkey, also instilled in me highly
distinguished as “sharing” and “social support” thanks to its republican school and
different school programs that I followed.
Also, since my young age and in a totally natural way, I have often been touched by
problems of others.

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Hence this vital need to find solutions and alternatives to help them
to overcome their difficulties. Today, being a mother and family service manager, this need
to help only grow in me; and in gratitude to those who forged my
personality, I voluntarily export my support to families and students, in countries where the
need is more noticeable than others. It’s also a way of instilling these values ​​into my
children and make them aware of being the first to give their time and resources for
noble causes.
From this desire to support others was born the ALTERNATIVE association; a humanitarian association
nonprofit and whose primary mission is to help those in need in
making abstractions of their races, colors, sexes or religions.
To do this and to carry out my actions, I am surrounded by a team of men and
women; all volunteers, sensitive like me to the inequalities in the world and who wish
give me their support to fight together, on our small scale, this spectrum called
You too, dear readers, can support us and especially support this noble cause by
your donations via our website.
By joining the association ALTERNATIF, you help children and students to start or
to pursue a schooling that they could not have succeeded without you.
In our association, we regularly organize charity evenings to present
our actions, find solutions to difficult cases and also share a moment of conviviality
between donors.
You wish to donate, anonymous or public, punctual or regular; ALERNATIVE gives you
the assurance that 100% of the donations collected will be directly donated to their recipients. You
will also find videos and information allowing you to follow concretely our
actions on the ground.
Thanks to you, children will take the road to school and students will go to the end of their
ambitions because “Going to school and studying should not be a dream but an obvious one. “
Join ALTERNATIF for a better world.




To provide the means through all types of education, health and charity activities to enable all young people to access education, vocational training or care.
Be the intermediary between the economic, social, medical actors, … and those who need it.
Abnegation as “spearhead” for a permanent fight.


The ALTERNATIF association has for main vision:
Facilitating access to knowledge through education and material assistance to achieve a better world.


Who helps his next help to save humanity

Youth education

Promote access to education through sponsorships or scholarships

Health care access

Assign paramedicates and help with medical care

Improvement of everyday life

Help everyone to feed themselves and to clothe themselves with dignity



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